Contacting support

Having problems with your NTI products? Give us a call at +1 503-684-7050 or an e-mail at and our knowledgable staff will help you get back in operation. No awful hold music. No "your call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes". No outsourcing.

NTI Americas only handles support for NTI products used in North, Central, or South America. Customers elsewhere can find more information on the international NTI site.

Warranty/repair information

Please read the terms specific to your product carefully and precisely before initiating the warranty or repair process. Minstruments products and accessories are serviced at our Oregon facility under the Minstruments and Exel service terms, while separate terms apply to other equipment, including Rapid-Test, Flexus, and A-series, analyzers as well as M-series microphones.

Packing and shipping NTI products

We recommend the following practices for all shipment of NTI products.